“Forget the hair ornaments. Some lady in Paris has gotten all the French women to bob their hair, and they also are no longer wearing the high top shoes!” (Excerpt from “The World of Fashion Jewelry” by Barbara Ellman) Mr. Fishel said to his employees after a two week trip to New York. That afternoon Mr. Fishel invited Louis Krussman and Gustavo Trifari to lunch and decided to open up their own jewelry business. Gustavo Trifari supervised the factory they built in New York and managed the engineering. Leo Krussman was the financial officer and Carl Fishel was the salesman. These three men quickly became a strong force in the fashion world. In 1925, the three men renamed Trifari, Krussman & Fishel (TKF) to just Trifari, a name that lent an air of Italian elegance and tradition. 
Trifari jewelry stayed strong through the World War and eventual went on to design the Inaugural ball jewelry for Mrs. Eisenhower. Only three sets of the custom design were made; one for Mrs. Eisenhower, another for the Smithsonian Institution, and the third for the Trifari archives. 
*Fun Fact: The “some lady in Paris” was Coco Chanel.


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