Guinness World Records Museum Auction @ Ripley Auctions!

Niagara Falls, Canada – The Guinness World Records Museum located in Niagara Falls, Canada was an attraction landmark on Clifton Hill since it’s opening on June 16th 1978.   After 42 years of entertaining visitors young and old, the museum permanently closed  September 7th 2020.

The museum operated as a franchisee of the world famous attraction brand, offering a tribute to the best-selling copyrighted book of all time, The Guinness World Records Book.

Over the years, the museum was known for lavish events featuring decorated Guinness  World Record holders and many aspiring record breakers looking to capture their first  Guinness World Records certificate.

Opening day attracted tremendous crowds as they awaited Henry LaMothe’s daring  skydive from 40 feet into 15” of water and to meet Sandy Allen, the World’s tallest woman.

Over the years, this tradition continued featuring visits and performances from record  holders and record attempts from people such as Gary Shawkey (Fire Walker) who  performed for guests laying on a bed of nails, while staff stood on his chest,  Edward “Count  Desmond” Benjamin, (sword swallower) Michael Kettman, (Most spinning basketballs balanced), Fran Capo (The World’s Faster Talker), Edward “Fast Eddy” MacDonald, (Holder  of numerous Yoyo records), Mike “The Pancake Man” Cuzzacrea, (Known for his charity  fundraising efforts and record holder for pancake flipping, while running marathons), strongman Rev. Kevin Fast (holding records for pulling everything from fire trucks to  airplanes), Thomas Blacke,(Record Holding Escape Artist) and David “The Great  Throwdini” Adamovich (Fastest Knife Thrower) to name a few.

An auction, featuring museum memorabilia such as artifacts, sculpted characters, displays,  exhibits and even smaller items such as record wall plaques is scheduled for Friday,  February 12th 2021. A must see for any enthusiast. Study the Online Catalog and start  placing your bids on January 22nd. Watch the Livestream Event and Bid Live as the auction  ends at 5pm ET on February 12th! Subscribe to Ripley Auctions emails on the Home Page for updated auction information and details.

Some of the feature lots to be included in the auction are:

- A Stylo Matchmaker mink-lined golf shoe reported to feature ruby tipped gold cleats,  diamond insignias and gold embellishments.

- A Petal subminiature photographic camera, manufactured by the PETAL Optical Company  of Japan in 1947-1948.

- A miniature bicycle, which was once one of the smallest bicycles in the world, ridden by  Las Vegas performer, Charly Charles.

- A miniature Koran, which once held a record for the World’s smallest Koran.

- A giant Atari, Hercules pinball machine, which holds the record for the largest pinball  game.

- A 42” tall Gordie Howe sculpted caricature.

- Dan Marino memorabilia, featuring a jersey, helmet and football, signed by the football  legend.

- Wayne Gretzky memorabilia, featuring a jersey, puck and stick, signed by the hockey  legend.

- A Wurlitzer OMT Vinyl 1015 Jukebox.

Guinness World Records Museum Displays basketball balancing

World Record Basketball Spinner

Bed of Nails

Sword Swallower

Sandy Allen Tallest Woman - Key To The City

Guinness World Records Museum - Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

A candidate for top lot of the auction is this Wurlitzer Model OMT 1015 jukebox, restored, which plays 45 rpm records (est. $4,000-$5,000).


Collectors interested in owning a genuine Guinness World Record item, ranging from the world’s smallest bicycle to the world’s largest pinball machine (Atari Hercules) to a coin-operated animated electric chair exhibit, will get their chance in an online-only auction of items previously displayed at the now-closed Guinness Museum of World Records in Niagara Falls, Canada. Every item in the auction is accompanied by an official certificate of authenticity.


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