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What is a jelly belly?

The term Jelly Belly refers to a figural pin with a rounded middle made out of polished Lucite, a thermoplastic acrylic resin invented in 1937 by DuPont. These pins were most popular between 1942-1946 and created by jewelry maker Trifari. Since Jelly Belly’s were created during times of war, Sterling was rationed and very expensive, so adding a piece of Lucite to the design made it possible to produce large, eye-catching designs. Trifari installed Plexiglas windshield & turrets in military bombers. The company would only use flawless material, so they were left with rejected material and rather than throw it away Alfred Phillipe had cabochons cut from the Plexiglas and incorporated them into jewelry designs.

With popularity for Jelly Belly’s growing, other brands “copied” the design. Designers such as Eisenberg,  Boucher, Hobe, Weiss, Coro and Coro Craft developed similar jewelry pieces. Trifari even went as far as suing Coro for copy right infringement over their Jelly Belly line. 

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