FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A Great Day for Buyers at Antique Helper’s Two-Ring Sale

Indianpolis, Indiana (May 9, 2006). A record-breaking crowd turned out for Antique Helper’s Entertainment and Memorabilia Auction, featuring the Duesenberg Estate on Saturday May 6th. Thanks to a strong advertising campaign, coupled with the allure of owning a bit of Duesenberg history, the staff was kept busy with an eager crowd, numbering nearly 200 strong, including 70 new bidders in its ranks.

In order to support the volume of merchandise consigned from the Duesenberg estate, this was a two-ring sale: A large part of this auction’s success can be credited to the second auction ring, manned from a large tent erected in Antique Helper’s parking lot. Here, bidders had the chance to partake in an old-fashioned auction, picking choice items, then scooping up boxes filled with treasures for $5-$20. Meanwhile, it was a collector’s sale inside the air conditioned auction gallery, where sporting collectors, rock and roll enthusiasts and classic car buffs were kept on their toes, with most attendees determined to own a piece of history from the Duesenberg estate. This auction saw very active biding from the floor, with only 15% of lots selling to eBay bidders.