Eisenberg Originals:

The Golden Years of Fashion, Jewelry, and Fragrance, 1920s-1950s

The catalog features her entire collection presented in order of the book. This rare collecting opportunity will allow you to follow along right from the book! If you don’t have a copy, you might consider purchasing one here! The finale features additional pieces which Sharon acquired after the book was published comprising more rare and wonderful examples which enhance the collection beautifully.
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author and Collector Sharon Schwartz’s Entire Eisenberg Collection 

 Featured in Her Celebrated 2017 Book

“Eisenberg Originals: The Golden Years of Fashion, Jewelry, and Fragrance, 1920s-1950s” 

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Promotional text from the book:

Eisenberg Originals: The Golden Years of Fashion, Jewelry, and Fragrance, 1920s-1950s

Eisenberg was one of the first American design houses, and the jewelry that bears its mark is among the finest costume pieces ever created. From its early clothing line to the brilliant rhinestone pieces of the 1940s and 50s, the company’s work has delighted women all over the world, with one vintage ad describing the jewelry as “clusters of icy brilliance, shimmering like frozen fire!” Yet there is surprisingly little written about the company, and almost nothing about the other products it marketed. In more than 400 photographs, this book chronicles Eisenberg’s beginnings in clothing fashion and follows the trajectory of its revered jewelry line, as well as documenting its often overlooked fragrances and cosmetics. With stories of the people and companies that were integral to this label’s success, this book shows that, in its golden years, the company’s creations deserved the place they held in only the finest stores.


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