How to Sell Art, Antiques, and Collectibles

As experts in appraising and auctioning Italian glass, jewelry, weapons, fine art and other antiques, Ripley Auctions wants to help you get the most value out of items you intend to sell at auction. We provide a variety of options to help you sell your antiques and art most effectively. We have two types of auctions available to sellers and consignors.

Live Catalogued Auctions

Live Catalogued Auctions are primarily for antiques, art and collections of higher value. Items being sold at an in-house, catalogued auction are also featured in our catalogues to promote the auction and items for sale. Catalogued auctions are available for bidding online.

Online Timed Auctions

Timed Auctions run online for a defined period of time on, allowing bidders from throughout the world to register and place maximum bids on items. Bidders are notified throughout each phase of the Timed Auction, so they have an opportunity to raise their bid amount and stay updated on their lot preferences. The closing of a Timed Auction is determined by a defined end time with extended bidding if there are additional bids in the last five minutes. When time is up, the highest online bidder wins.

How to Sell Art, Collectibles and Antiques at Ripley Auctions

If you’re interested in selling your items or collections, Ripley Auctions has an easy process to help you get the most value from your sale. From the beginning stages of contacting us and delivering photos to the final sale and payment, we work alongside you through every step of the process to ensure you’re getting the value you deserve from auction.

Step-by-step guide to selling at auction with Ripley Auctions:

1. Send us an email with images of your items attached. Or you can make an appointment to bring your items into our office in Indianapolis.

2. We will usually determine the appropriate auction for your items or collection based on photos. Your photos will help us get a general understanding of the value assigned to the items you’re interested in selling.

3. If items are eligible to be sold at a catalogued auction, we ask you to bring your items into our office to be photographed in-studio for our catalogue. We will write descriptions of your items.

4. For catalogued auctions, we will market your items both in catalogues and online. Our catalogues are generally published online two weeks prior to auction.

5. Preview night. We like to have potential buyers come in and preview the items prior to being sold at auction.

6. Auction

7. Payment is provided to seller within 30 days of an auction.



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