Antique Consignment

If you have antiques, art or collectibles you’d like appraised with the intent to sell at auction, Antique Helper offers free antique appraisal.

After you’ve discussed your consignment with our team, please complete our Consignment Agreement in order to sell on consignment.

Summary of Consignment Agreement

1. The owner appoints Antique Helper (the “Company”) as exclusive agents for consigned property.

2. The Company has complete discretion to research property, consult experts and determine date, time and location of the auction.

3. The Company will receive a commision based on the hammer price of each lot as follows:

  • 10% for items selling at $5001 and above
  • 15% for items selling between $1001 and $5000
  • 20% for items selling between $501 and $1000
  • 25% for items selling between $101 and $500
  • 35% for items selling between $51 and $100
  • 45% for items selling for $50 and below

In addition, there is a $10 fee per lot when catalogued and a commission will be charged to the buyer (the “Buyer’s Premium”) at the conclusion of the sale.

4. The Company will mail sale proceeds within 30 days of the auction.

5. Unless agreed in writing before the sale, a provisional reserve on catalogued items will be set at 50% of the published low estimate.

6. The Owner agrees not to encumber the consigned properties and furthermore states:

  • The owner of the property is indeed the owner and has no reason to believe that ownership is in question.
  • The owner of the property has no reason to believe the Property is not authentic or is counterfeit, and has no knowledge of any defects, damages or repairs unless stated.

7. The Owner agrees to bear the expense of packing, shipping and other costs incurred in connection with the transit of the Property to our premises.

8. Item(s) in our possession are covered for loss by theft or fire, and in most cases, breakage.

9. You may not withdraw any Property from sale after you sign the Consignment Agreement. We may withdraw any Property at our sole discretion if there is doubt to authenticity or attribution.

10. If any sole Property has been misrepresented or been proven counterfeit, you will remit to us the Net Sale Proceeds and any other incurred expenses within ten (10) days following the provision notice to you.

11. If any Property remains unsold after the auction, you authorize us, as your exclusive agent, a period of 180 days to sell any such items either privately or at a future auction.

12. The Company agrees to promote the sale, provide adequate display, and undertake other promotional activities on the Owner’s behalf.

Visit our Sellers page for more information on selling art on consignment or seller resources.


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