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Ripley Auctions takes pride in offering our customers multiple channels that provide sellers to get the most value for their antiques and art, as well as buyers from around the world who are interested in participating in auctions of collectibles, antiques and art. One way we try to make consigning with Ripley Auctions as easy as possible is by providing antique valuations online.

For sellers and consignors interested in partnering with us in selling items or estate at auction, we offer free appraisals online. We share your desire to get your item sold for the most value possible. If you’re interested in consignment with Ripley Auctions and would like a free online appraisal, please click here to fill out our appraisal form.

Our free antique appraisal online service is exclusively for items we sell at our auctions. Items that are not of the type or value we sell will not receive a reply. Similarly, items that are unable to be shipped or delivered to our gallery because of size or expense will also not receive a reply. This free service is only for potential consignments.

An antique appraisal online is a great way to understand the value of antiques or an estate. However, online appraisals and valuations are not official. Our staff of specialists do a great job of appraising antiques, art, estate and similar items. Because information online is limited to descriptions and photos, assumptions have to be made as we are reliant solely upon the information provided. For an official appraisal or valuation, please contact us here.

Terms and Conditions for Online Valuations and Appraisals Apply

  • Please limit your number of requests to a maximum of three. If there are more items to discuss, feel free to call us 317-251-5635┬áMonday through Friday 10am-5pm ET.
  • Although we work hard to answer all requests, sometimes we are unable to respond right away. Response time for free appraisals could take up to four weeks. If you have an urgent request, and you do not receive a response within 7 days, please contact us.
  • Incomplete or unclear forms may be deleted without notice, although we will do what we can to respond.
  • At least one clear photo must be attached. Requests without a photo may be deleted without notice, although we will do what we can to respond.