Single Owner Estate Collection of 20th Century NYC Artists

Auction Date:  June 4th at 11AM EST

Presenting The Lifetime Collection of paintings, sculpture, and prints from a Private NYC Gentleman. As we become familiar with this 60+ year single-owner collection, we discover the intention of focus on art by artists active in New York City throughout the 20th Century. The 350 selected works encompass important pieces by the diversity of artists at the epicenter of the times and spanning the entire Century: including, Hudson River School, Regionalism,  American Scene Painters, Social Realists, Modernists to Postmodernism, and Abstract Expressionism.Represented are works from well-known American artists around the WPA era and beyond, with many associated with the ACA Galleries (American Contemporary Artists, est.1932).
This well rounded representation wouldn’t be complete without showcasing the vibrant Russian Jewish Immigrant Arts Community who throughout the 20th Century have made such important contributions to every aspect of the American Experience as we know it. A true collector’s eye is apparent here as we notice prime and comprehensive examples from the lesser known artists active within the inner circles of New York City. Artists that aren’t as widely known but well worth collecting are expected to attract competitive bidding beyond expectations in today’s ever evolving and socially conscious market.

Many works boast period NYC exhibition provenance including ACA Galleries, Associated American Artists, and Regional Art Museums.
There is an Atillio Salemme with Guggenheim provenance, and Arnold Blanch from the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, and a Morris Kantor with Hirshhorn provenance.

Look for multiple works by many of these artists; Raphael & Moses Soyer, Philip Evergood, George Constant, Arnold Blanch, Joseph Solman, Morris Kantor, Atillio Salemme, Irene Rice Pereira, Jon Corbino, Chaim Gross, David Burliuk, Paul Burlin, William Gropper, Gerrit Hondius, Ralph Blakelock, Boris Dmitrievich Grigoriev, Abraham Walkowitz, John Costigan, Nicolai Cikovsky, Adolph Dehn, Emil Ganso, Rube Goldberg,  Nahum Tschacbasov, Karl Zerbe, James Lechay, David Atkins, Ethel Magafan,

Howard Finster, Bruno Lucchesi, Budd Hopkins, Alexander Ney, Charles Burchfield, and more!!