Make sure your holiday investments include a little SWAG

SWAG can be an enigmatic word. It can mean anything from decorative festoons to plunder and prey. Positive and negative images abound.

Ponder this:





By now, you’ve probably heard the buzz about the latest meaning of SWAG. According to financial expert and author Joe Roseman, the SWAG anagram for Silver, Wine, Art and Gold represents the commodities that hold value through even the most stressful financial times.


In his book, Silver, Wine Art, Gold: Alternative Investments for the Coming Decade, Roseman advises investors to stock up on these items, laying out financial advice for what he predicts could be an unstable financial future.

We think that outlook is a bit grim.




We’d like to give a more positive spin the notion of SWAG.

So, we suggest you give this anagram a whirl:


A Google search for slang interpretations of SWAG turned up this gem:

Swag. adjective: “How fly u are n how trill you are. As in cool.”

While this may not be the most cultured definition, it certainly does lift the spirits a bit more than Roseman’s doomsday advice. Who wouldn’t prefer to be a little more fly, a little more trill and certainly cool?

Seriously, who doesn’t like Silver, Wine, Art and Gold, any old time of the day? If you have it, you might as well revel in your Superior Wisdom And Gain. And, if the financial environment ends up looking a little dicey, wouldn’t you feel a little better stepping into a brave new world surrounded by beautiful things?

We can all use a little more SWAG in our lives, don’t you think?

Whether you are looking for an opportunity to sell while the market is hot, searching for sound investments or in the market for the goods that will help keep you and your loved ones on the cool side of life, we have the auction event for you.

On Thursday evening, December 20, we will be selling a fine collection of Silver, Wine, Art and Gold (SWAG), will be just in time for the Holidays.

Left: Asprey & Co. Butterfly brooch, 18k gold and diamonds along with Asprey presentation case. Sold for $21,500.
Left: Pair George III Silver Candelabra London 1791. Sold for $26,000

As a consignor, this is an excellent opportunity to expose your inventory to countless and enthusiastic buyers across the globe.


       Right: Diego Rivera water color. Sold for $12,000.





                                                Right:  1937 Warre’s Tawny Port. Sold for $500

Select consignments will be accepted at Antique Helper through December 14th so call us now at 317-251-5635 or email to schedule a consignor appointment.


This is also a great opportunity for buyers to find the best quality gifts in time for the holidays!

Learn more about The Swag Auction

To make things even easier, we offer overnight and express shipping to our worldwide list of buyers. (Conditions apply)

Whether you’re a consignor or a buyer, don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of the new SWAG market.


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