Julie K, Consignor | Carmel, Indiana.  I wanted to pass along my sincere thanks in your efforts with my consignments items! Appreciate your patience and follow-up along with your direction. I’ve received my email with my inventory of sold items earlier this week and my check appeared in the mailbox today-right as promised!  Feb 2024

Bill T, Consignor | Indianapolis.  I was so pleased and surprised, to receive my check from the sale of the “shopping cart sofa”. I must have missed its listing in your auction and had not realized it was sold and sold for such  a good price. Thank you for your advocacy and expertise in placing the item with Ripley. I do have some objects I was considering for auction in future, and I assure you I will.be reaching out to you and Ripley for their consideration. thanks again, | Feb 2024

Ron Williams, Consignor. "I choose Ripley auction company after interviewing 3 different companies and they were certainly the right choice. The owner and all the staff were not only knowledgeable and professional, but also very kind and compassionate to me. They handled our collection with care and did considerable research to catalog the items. Anyone who knows auctions knows a price is never guaranteed. A few of our items did not reach the lower limit but many reached the top limit and several exceeded that a by quite bit. Through their advertising and email connections Ripley was able to reach those interested in what we were selling. The results of the auction were actually astonishing, but even had they not been my experience was astonishing."  Fall 2023

Erin McGarry, Appraisal Services  "Can't say enough about the appraisal services I received during my recent divorce. They were able to accommodate me on short notice, were professional, and helped to get things moving in the right direction so that mediation proceeded fairly.  Thanks!"

Barry Sunderland , Consignor | Sunnyvale CA  "Kudos to Ripley Auctions!  As a veteran auction participant, over the years, I have literally worked with dozens of auction houses…the good, the bad, and often, the indifferent.  Ripley Auctions, though, SURPASSES them all.  Dan Ripley, time and again, puts together exciting, well-documented auction lots. Behind the scenes, especially post-auction, Maggie oversees incredible customer service…She’s warm, super helpful, articulate, intelligent…just WOW! (Did I mention ‘WOW’ ?)  With both Dan and Maggie, and their fabulous customer support, I give Ripley Auctions my highest recommendation!"

Jennifer George, auction buyer  "Thank you SO MUCH, Maggie!  My experiences with Ripley as a whole and you have just been amazing (which is why I came back for another auction and intend to keep coming back!). I really think y'all do it like no other. You are truly, the best at what you do!  xoxo "

Sharon Schwartz, author of the definitive book about Eisenberg Originals entitled Eisenberg Originals, The Golden Years of Fashion, Jewelry and Fragrance, 1920s-1950s.  "I have consigned many of my vintage jewelry collections with Ripley Auctions. The expertise of the Ripley team has been excellent as it relates to the history, current values and condition of each jewelry piece.  They are well versed in current trends which allows for optimal sales at auction.  The consignor’s items are marketed on site well before the auction date to allow for maximum exposure to bidders.  The Ripley team is most cooperative to work with and most enthusiastic to promote a positive auction experience."  Sharon Schwartz

A Happy Customer  "Just wanted to express my gratitude for helping me auction my beloved aunt’s prized dining room furniture from the days she lived on Meridian Street. Not only did the auction result in exceeding the anticipated price, but everything was handled very well. At a time when many people don’t deliver what they say they will, it’s nice to know there is a company that takes care of business!"

William Koup, Townsend Auction Attendee  "I had the pleasure of attending the Townsend auction on 12/3 and would like you to know that in my opinion it was the most professionally managed artifact auction I have ever attended since my first in 1979. The facility was good and all the staff were helpful and polite and the main auctioneer was quite good… I sincerely hope that Antique Helper/Ripley Auctions will be getting much more of this type of business and you will continue to manage it in a 100% honest manner. Your competition in this area is lacking in so many ways…. William Koup"

Estate Glass Collection of Bill Ansley  “What a thrilling auction! I have always been a fan of yours, but now I am a SUPERFAN! Congratulations on such spectacular results on the auction last Saturday of the items from the Estate of Bill Ansley. You did an amazing job, in record time, and made it fun along the way. I spoke to the executor this morning and she had nothing but glowing accolades on the auction, the process and your wonderful staff… Your instincts about when to hold the sale and how to market it, within a quick window of opportunity, were right on the money. No doubt your superior expertise in the glass collector community aided you, but that you have created a machine to support that, is terrific.” Kathleen Guzman 15 years on Antiques Roadshow; President of Phillips Auctioneers; Senior VP at Christie’s; President at Christie’s East.

Greg Woodham, Sanibel, FL  Consignor.  "In the spring of 2006 my wife and I made a major life change to spend our retirement years on Sanibel Island on the gulf coast of Florida. We placed our Indianapolis home with a local realtor and much to our surprise received an offer the first day that it went on the market. The house was filled with a lifetime collection of Americana, primitives, and folk art.  Our intent was not only to sell the house but also to share the collection through auction. We were truly “starting over”, but had not anticipated such a rapid turnover. We knew Dan as a savvy dealer and collector who was very knowledgeable with much of the material in our collection.

On very short notice Antique Helper/Ripley Auctions arranged an estate auction for the first week in June 2006. All of our precious, semi precious and hard to part with items were carefully cataloged, researched and photographed in preparation for the sale. Dan staged an intensive advertising campaign that reached all of the major antique trade papers. The ads were tastefully done and very informative. On the day of sale 24 members of his staff skillfully managed the main auction ring and a large tent sale of the remaining non-cataloged items from the household. Bidding from the floor by an audience from throughout the country was supplemented by vigorous online and phone bids.  We could not have been more pleased with the results, and highly recommend Antique Helper as the premiere auction house in the Midwest and on the internet."

Va99ri Scudi (Hope's Antiques)  "This thank you is for all the staff at Antique Helper/Ripley Auctions.  I really didn’t know what to expect when I first called. Any doubts or fears I might have had were quickly pushed aside by everyone’s professionalism.  I greatly appreciate the kindness and personalized service as well. As for the auctions themselves, they succeeded beyond my expectations. I am so glad that I called Antique Helper. Thanks again for your personalized service."

Eileen D. Hayes, Consignor  "This is written to acknowledge the good work recently done by Antique Helper in selling a number of vintage household and decorative items for me. Dan Ripley and his staff carried out the work in a very effective, honest and ethical manner. They applied their knowledge of the antiques and collectibles market, with special expertise in objects of the early and mid 20th Century and in current hot collectibles, and identified the approximate values of the items to be sold. They identified some of the items that were of special value. Throughout the process all of the Antique Helper staff were always very helpful, as well as pleasant, likeable and cheerful. My experience working with Antique Helper was very enjoyable and satisfactory."