Intro to the Matt Burkholz Collections

"As 2022 dawns, I'll be making some big changes in my life after 45 years of having retail shops in New York and in Palm Springs California, I will be closing the shop in Palm Springs at the end of May 2022 and shifting focus to emphasize more global work online and social networking selling as well as work with private clients. I also will be spending time traveling and being new places rather than in the heat of the desert summer, so the word DOWNSIZING comes to mind. I'll always have beautiful jewelry around me and things I love to live with for the home, and Ill do a show or 2 a year and trunk shows maybe in some fun places to visit----- but Dan Ripley who I have known for over 20 years will be helping me edit and de-accession much of what I have spent 45 years assembling as curated focused collections of a variety of collectible costume jewelry and objects, glass, ceramic, metal work, art, fashion, handbags, even some other fashion accessories and small furniture too! 2022 will feature a number of more auctions of the Matt Burkholz Collection of 4+ decades of kind of specific shopping and collecting, with the spotlight on vintage jewelry of all sorts---- and we hope you enjoy December's first event of close to 500 lots, and will anticipate lots lots more beautiful jewelry and everything else too with Dan Ripley and his team."

Matt Burkholz is a man with many talents: author, collector, antiques dealer and owner of a popular jewelry boutique. Route 66 West is the culmination of a decades-long journey as a historian and purveyor of fine vintage jewelry and decorative accessories. Raised in New York and Miami Beach, Matt is an art historian by training and his approach reflects that academic vision. He has 40 years of experience owning and operating galleries in New York City, Miami Beach, the Berkshires region of upstate New York and, since 2007, in fabulous Palm Springs California. Burkholz specializes in fine 20s and 30s Celluloid and Bakelite jewelry, and wrote The Bakelite Collection in 1997, the leading reference source on the subject extant. In 1992, he authored Copper Art Jewelry: A Different Lustre, the only dedicated project to the special style of mid century modern copper and enameled jewelry. Matt has also written about  vintage couture costume jewels, celebrity collectibles and mid century acrylic jewelry for many magazines. He has television appearances on Martha Stewart TV, The Antiques Roadshow and other productions.

Bakelite Home Decor & Celluloid Triads

Geometric Bangles

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