October 2021 Modern Art & Design

CALLING ALL COLLECTORS! We’ve put together 150 lots with over a thousand individual pieces from a single owner of Russel Wright Dinnerware featuring rare MCM colors and serving pieces from Iroquois, American Modern, Steubenville, Sterling China, Hull Stainless Pinch Flatware, Old Morgantown, snow glass, and Melmac Residential!

and…Presenting for the first time at auction, the retrospective ceramic works from Indiana State University Professor, Dick Hay, (1942-2020) who was an Instructor at ISU from 1966 until 2006 in the Department of Art and Design.

Beginning with the 1971 exhibition, “Clayworks: 20 Americans”, at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts in New York, his work received critical acclaim for its engagement with issues of power and consumer culture. In 1975, his stoneware sculpture titled 1200 received the Grand Prize in the Indianapolis Museum of Art Exhibition, Objects and Crafts. In 1989,  Professor Hay was invited to lecture at over 100 Universities worldwide. In 2010, a documentary film, Dick Hay: Artist, Teacher, and Mentor was produced by NCECA and Judy Kelly Productions.

Studio Pottery:

Toshiko Takaezu Moon Pot with rattle, Ruth Duckworth coffee pitcher and cup, Vivika Heino interesting patterned slip glaze vase, James Lovera center bowl, a small collection of pieces by Gertrud & Otto Natzler featuring a large brilliant yellow glaze vase, Heath Krieger Southwestern Kachina sculpture, a rare MCM JJ Marek vase Brownsburg, IN, and a Robert Lohman ceramic sculpture and lava vase.

Fine Art:
2D Original Artworks Featuring: George L.K. Morris, Ethel Schwabacher, Shirley Jaffe, Shirley Goldfarb, Charmion Von Wiegand, Paul Serusier French post-impressionist drawing, Leopold Survage, Glenn Cooper Henshaw master painting & drawings, Agnes Weinrich, Charles Green Shaw, Sally Michel Avery, Thomas Eldred, Medard Klein, Charles Biederman, Theodore Roszak, John Edward Heliker, Hedda Sterne, Leonard Nelson, Gertrude Barrer, Richard Filipowski, Stanley Boxer, Frederick Lynch, Jake Berthot, Nancy Grossman, Diane Itter, Peter Max, many works by Robert Lohman

Photography Featuring:
Eight (8) large scale Southwestern Series limited edition photographs by Peter Lik featuring ethereal views of the Grand Canyon.
A desirable large scale piece by Michael Fatali titled Back of Beyond
Type A: Adam Ames & Andrew Bodwin collaborative team chromogenic print

Sculpture Featuring:
El Gato Feo, Cast #1 by Latin American artist, Angel Botello,
A Dorothy Dehner sterling silver miniature purchased from the Louise Nevelson Estate,
Head of Woman by Southwestern artist, Allan Houser,
A French Art Deco Girl with Goat by Paul Silvestre,
A Loet Vanderveen deco Greyhound
A LARGE and well known example Austrian Orientalist Snake Charmer Statue in terre cotta by Friedrich Goldscheider,
Other terra cotta sculptures by Edgardo Simone and Robert Laurent,
A folk art wooden carving by Ben Rouzie
A J Jay McVicker metal Brutalist composition
A Yayoi Kusama resin pumpkin multiple
A Sue Fuller String Composition
A Tony Feher conceptual piece

An antique French bronze casting of a human skull

Frederick Elliott Hart, Rollin Karg sculptures, Bertil Vallien for Kosta center bowl, Daum France and Hilton Mcconnico ‘Nevada’ bowl on glass pate de verre cactus stand.

Prints Featuring:
A small collection of signed German Expressionist and Dagobert Peche signed woodcuts featuring Erich Heckel, Kathe Kollwitz, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, and Gerhard Marcks,an Emil Emil Nolde signed aquatint, Miro, Calder, Dali, Bernard Buffet, Charles Lapicque, Jasper Johns, and others.

Other Collector pieces:
Rare Ruba Rombic ‘Star’ and ‘Katydid’ vases designed by Reuben Haley, Muncie Art Pottery, a Cowan squirrel vase designed by Waylande Gregory, Sylvia Leuchovius Rorstrand Sweden wall plaque, Harris G. Strong MCM ceramic wall hanging, Machine Age chrome lounge chairs and settee with black leather cushions, pair Romweber Viking Oak arm chairs, antique medical model human skull.